Picture 1 - Tsugiko is the Japanese girl that homestay in my house for 3 weeks.Since then,we became good friend and keep contact even after she went back to Japan.I stayed in her house most of the timeduring this stay. She brought me to Sky Building,Osaka City and I was very scared when I stood on the top of the building.Picture 2 - I went to Kobe with Tsugiko,Nanako(Tsugiko's sister) and Nanako's sister.We visited a few places - E Jin Kan(Chinese house,teddyy bear museum, wedding house),Chinatown, Kobe Tower and crusie tour.Picture 3 - New Year celebration at the Okayama Park. I was staying with Mika-san in her parent's house. I must the Japanese that I met for my trips there are all very kind and generous.


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