I went back to Japan again on 1998 when I was working with FEDEX for Christmas & New Year holidayI made all the arrangement by myself - applied visa ( I got visa because Miki-san faxed me her passport copy), arrange my schedule (Osaka,Himeji & Tottori) & also applied for FEDEX flight.I didn't take any commercial flight but instead I flew by FEDEX cargo plane without costing me a cent.However,it was a long and lonely journey
I was still working on that day.I did the imigration checked-in during the working time( I was working at the airport at that time ). No need to check luggages !!!This is the benefit for working in the airport.
I was treated as the airport crew. The plane came-in at 8pm and took off at 8.30 to Subic Bay,PhillipinesThe pilots welcomed me to sit at the aircraft cock with them.I must say that no one will have a chance
to sit at the cock if he is not a pilot or crew member.It was so excited till I have no words to describethe feeling when the plane took off....(I was lucky to take the chance because this benefit was taken away after the 911 attack.)

I reached Subic Bay at about 12am (I also went to Subic Bay later .....will write that later) and was wondering around the FEDEX airport hub till 3am.I met a few colleagues which never meet before but always e-mailing each other at work. That is why I went to Subic Bay for a weekend trip later. 3am - I
was waken up by the airport crew and went on-board to be ready to take off to Osaka. I guess I was considering very daring because I was alone till I got to Osaka. The flight was delayed and I was soworried that Tsugiko would not wait for me.


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