Today , we were recommended by one of the colleagues to have lunch at this newly opened restaurant at Seapark - Home Recipe . The food listed on the menu is quite simple  as they emphasised on home-cooking food. We ordered similar food - 'Nasi Lemak with rendang chicken with prawn sambal ' (RM6.80) and 'Hainanese Chicken Rice'(RM5.80) ,we also ordered 'Cincau' (RM2.20) and  米 (RM2.20). We were shocked with the Hainanese Chicken Rice that came first .... THE PORTION IS JUST TOO EXPENSIVE FOR RM5.80 !! Acoording my colleague, the chicken rice is plain of taste and the chilli dipping sauce is not nice at all !

Then, came the Nasi Lemak - rice not hot enough and half-cooked, rendang chicken is actually 'normal curry chicken ' and prawn sambal tasted ok BUT the prawn is not fresh - the texture is too soft !!!! 

When I as about to finish the last piece of chicken, I found out this is actually a CHICKEN HEAD !!

When I complained to the staff , he replied me that ' He is sorry that the kitchen didn't check when the food is served, BUT no problem, NEXT TIME he will give me a big piece of chicken for my next visit ! ' 



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